MD Asbestos Solutions are equipped to remove all

types of non-licensed Asbestos in the Residential

and Commercial Sectors

We can assist with the removal and testing of any

of the following: ​

  • Asbestos corrugated sheeting

  • Asbestos roof tiles/Asbestos Soffites

  • Asbestos garages

  • Asbestos textured coated ceilings 

  • Asbestos cement ceilings

  • Asbestos flues

  • Asbestos water tanks

  • Asbestos floor tiles

  • Asbestos fly-tips

  • Asbestos collection and disposal service

A thorough inspection of the premises will usually

take the form of an asbestos survey.

The survey has to provide sufficient information for

a risk assessment, asbestos register & management

plan to be prepared. The asbestos register must be

available to those who plan or initiate maintenance

and related work, so it can be consulted before the

work begins. The survey is likely to involve sampling

and analysis to confirm the presence or absence of

asbestos containing materials.

my asbestos has been

removed, now what?

Unlike other asbestos companies, we offer a unique

service where we can "fill the gap". Whether a new

roof is needed, or some brick work, we offer a full fit

and replace service. Meaning not only can we safely

remove and dispose of your Asbestos, but we also

offer a building service to leave something professional

in place.



Garage Removal (Before)
Garage Removal (After)
Small Garage Removal (Before)
Small Garage Removal (After)
Asbestos garage (Before)
Asbestos garage (After)
Roof Removal (Before)
Roof Removal (After)

We operate in all of London, Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey. So where ever you are. Be sure to get in touch for all your asbestos removal needs!